Offering extensive experience in both the Architectural and Real Estate industries, Katia Reisler possesses not only a broad and comprehensive skill set, but also the ability to connect and communicate with a highly discerning and diverse clientele.

Hello everybody, I am Lauren Khaled and it is toward the end of December 2020 finally it’s actually December 20 2020 when I’m recording this wonderful investing across borders with my new friend catchy catchy rise letter catchy and I met about, I don’t know, eight or nine months ago around the beginning of COVID right where we were planning to go for coffee and COVID hit, and we were like okay I guess we’re not going for coffee. So we’re still planning to go for coffee or maybe we’ll upgrade to lunch once we actually can start doing things together, but we immediately resonated Tatia is originally from Peru, and spent many years living in my hometown of Toronto and all across various parts of Canada and now like me, she has migrated South because she didn’t really like the winters any more than I did. I’m sure coming from Peru, especially, and she lives in Boca Raton, and just like me services clients from all over the world and helps make a really big impact in difference in their lives so kacha, can you just give us a little bit of background on you and what brought you to the US and what made you decide to become a realtor. Okay so, like you mentioned, I first of all thank you so much for having me here, like you mentioned, I am originally from Peru. My family immigrated to Canada, since I was started going back and forward since I was eight years old. So I officially moved to Canada in EDI, and I am actually Canadian. So my entire family is there. So, my family is in Montreal now, and my husband’s family is in Montreal. So, we are still very well connected, and we have many friends and families and business acquaintances, in Canada. We decided to move to Florida about 10 years ago. So we have been coming to Florida for about 30 years, mainly Bob Barber, at that point, we went to Palm Beach central Harbor, and then when we decided to move to Florida, my children were going into schools, and we chose Boca Raton for numerous reasons. and that is where I’m located now. About a year or two after I see, I moved to Florida. I decided that, because of the, I guess that difficult time that I had finding a home. I didn’t want anybody else to go through that, and that is that through the through the state and my choice for that. I’ve always worked with architects and developers and builders in Canada, and many different facets of this line. But when I moved here, I had to actually even hotel for five months, because we couldn’t find a house. So basically when we found our house, we found it in Boca. And then I decided to go into real estate and I love it. Yeah, helping my clients. Yeah, yeah. So how did you originally come to the US, like, what type of visa Did you apply for how did you get into the country, your husband being Canadian right and you from Peru and citizenship. American that’ll make it a lot easier to go through what I went through because like you what brought me to what I do is that my ex husband was deported on the way back from our honeymoon. So, that did not happen to you because your husband is me I’m sorry is American is dual, just like me. So are you also dual now. I will missing the exam, which I was going to take prior to COVID. So, I just need to pass the exam, everything else is completed, and my children do all as well. Good news for you, they just change the exam and no harder so you wouldn’t have to be excited when I took the exam here’s something really funny. One of the questions they asked me was named five states that border Canada. Couldn’t believe the woman started laughing, the woman that was doing the test. And I’m like, I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m in a lot of trouble and I don’t deserve to do this. You know you speak Spanish you speak French. I understand the iOS. And obviously English and the other languages, Portuguese, I can understand. Latin. Got it. So, and what is your favorite type, is there a particular favorite type of client you prefer to work with coins that are investors clients that are buying clients that are selling like foreign nationals, what is your, your sweet spot. So, since we question, I definitely like to work with buyers. With that being said, I also love the marketing, and the exposure of the properties. So I do like all that planning and the photography and everything that goes behind and creating that incredible package that we give to our clients for all that PR and marketing and everything that goes, I truly enjoy that. I think that when you’re doing a listing, you create a little bit of a stronger relationship with the client because you’re selling their home. And it’s, there’s a level of intimacy, when you’re marketing their home because it’s their biggest asset generally, right. So, here’s the thing called those stories and those, you know come up with a creative approach to market the property better. The last one that I just put in the market. My clients. I’m also in the sports and entertainment division. So my clients have that recognition globally. So she just relocated here from London so we come up with a whole, you know, the friendly way to expose the properties, you know, with some of their background and feedback. I also have always been passionate about construction I should have been an architect, I always say that all that Construction and Design I’m very passionate about. So, I work currently with many builders and developers, so I tend to go into that and we have a couple of new projects that are coming to market. So, the ability of me being able to work with that for plants and all that is different than yours so it’s very difficult for me to just pick one, because I just kind of enjoy all the facet of design as well. Yeah, it’s like in Toronto there’s like 1000 new construction projects going on. I mean, they’re still building high rises despite COVID and they’re selling them out. And it’s just a crazy city that we dealt with I come from and you lived in for many years so. So, what would be in terms of working in Florida, you mentioned working with buyers. What would be your percentage of clients that you generally work with that are from other countries coming into, Florida, high percentage I will say a good 75. Well, okay, cool, cool. So, and we’ve been trying to work together on cases and I think wins COVID cheap, obviously, is gone, God willing, the impact of that on the international market is going to be significant because people want to come in touch and feel the property still, and it’s hard to do that with COVID especially for Canadians because they can’t go back home. They’re stuck. So I was supposed to be on a plane literally right now going to Toronto, and I failed because I just couldn’t face the fact that being minus something degrees stuck in a house, having been not being able to walk or go anywhere in quarantine. So, we built literally that I just got the notice you’re supposed to board. So, it’s kind of funny. What would you say is your, like when people know you for obviously the sports and entertainment, right, which is a designation that you have, what else do they like what what brings people to you what is your marketing strategy. So again I work very closely with the PR team and the marketing team from the company that I work with, I work with Douglas Elliman, and we come up, so my marketing is very strong. My knowledge in our new development also get a lot of different, you know, different facets and I do with the center, a couple of projects here in Florida they work with somebody in Canada on one broker. I don’t work here, but I definitely represent. I was in Canada doing some presentations and obviously now things have changed a little bit, but I’m still very well connected with the real church in Toronto, right, and we do presentations internally. And there is many things that are happening right now behind the scenes, obviously, Canadians cannot come right now, but they’re still looking at what we found. Absolutely. So, definitely. I am known for that also my, I guess my international connections, I am what is called, I have a designation for with international certified international or mobile web specialist. So I have that as well so all that knowledge on the global, you know, an accreditation so we are with Korea. So different things, give you different exposure so it’s my knowledge with clients, and the fact that I have worked with people from different places and people from England, I have quite a bit of clients from London, as well I’m actually that’s interesting because I’m love of counsel to this Facebook group it’s called moving to Florida from the UK. One of my strategic partners is British, and it’s very easy, just like with Canadians it’s a very easy thing to process and I talked about this before we started I specialize in helping people acquire immigration status through real estate investing which is a very unique model because a lot of lawyers shy away from that, because it’s oftentimes real estate is considered passive now they can’t buy their principal home and get a visa, but if they’re a real estate investor and they’re creating a real viable business they can. And that’s where there’s a lot of synergy between us as we move forward and you start to, to see what we what we’re building here it’s kind of exciting and I’d love for you to be a part of it, especially with your client base and, you know, bringing bringing value to each other that’s what it’s all about. So I asked the question in the, in the profile. What do you value more price or value, and you said value, can you tell us a little bit about why value is the most important thing for you. Well I mean don’t saw the value the marketing value of it as well. I think that it’s important for people to realize the cost of different things not only just, you know, not only just knowing, or guessing where they’re going, they need to do the research they need to look for people that have the knowledge from that. Right, so they can, they can find out exactly what they’re investing on. Just because something because of that price or the shape of the form. It’s not always the best, best decision, do research and, you know, check trust the knowledge so people try so professionals that are behind, that’s so important catch it because too many people, second guess us as professionals, and if they come and work with us I think it’s really important that they have the confidence that they that we know what at what to do to help them and guide them. For example, when a Canadian is moving to South Florida, they are not going to know the market, like we do. And they depend on us, to a certain extent to guide them through the process and they think that that’s really important because you don’t want to paint like a Canadian or Brent isn’t going to want to go somewhere that’s very heavily Latin influenced for example, no offense to you, but they’re not going to be comfortable because they’re not going to speak the language like they’re not going to go to South Miami, if they don’t speak Spanish it just doesn’t make sense right so that’s where we come in to help guide them in this in the strategy of what makes the most sense for you for your lifestyle for your business, how do we make that happen. And how do we how do we help to make sure that that’s a concierge service that we’re offering, not just about the home but about the schools and about the, you know, all the elements that go into where you’re living and where you’re working and especially these days now that 90% of us are working from home. Right. So we have to really be comfortable with where we’re living because we’re going to be there a lot more than we used to be, um, people move here they don’t always know. And that happened to me. I mean, that story and it’s a true story. I, when I moved here, we finally purchased a home. I didn’t know any painters, I didn’t know anybody. I literally stood outside of, you know, Sherwin Williams, and I was just waiting to see which crew impressed me more, and that was the one that painted my house. So now I came up with something that it’s almost like a concierge service for my clients. I have the ability to guide them to, you know, I have three sets of architects three different builders designers of everybody. Right. Available they can interview them all. They have the knowledge of, hey, this was our, we have a clock wherever they happen to work. And then we see which one to pick. And also, they’re also accountable to you as the referring to the referral source, and that’s super important that’s exactly the same model, I have at a different level of course because I’m not dealing with home purchases. You know I am a realtor but I’m just referring realtor, so it’s super important to be able to do that for your clients because they aren’t going to know they’re just going to be going through the internet and looking up the you know, the one that had paid the most for the Google search for example, and that’s not necessarily the best one at all. But these people, if they don’t deliver. They have you to answer to and they’re going to use you as a referral source and so there is a vested interest in making you and your client happy and that’s really important. When, when, when you, when you what Tell me a little bit about your awards because you’ve had many of them in your, how many years now, eight years as a real time no just as Wow. Tell me a little bit about my builders and everything kind of came all together it’s almost like that knowledge is gained together. I basically have the president Circle Award for this element, which I believe I’m the 11% of the company. Now, also the million dollar unfilled award, which is all different sales that you do within certain time. I have to sift through the submissions and certifications. And again, the sports and entertainment division, based on my clients. And all my clients and everything. Recently, I have been, you know, I will be received another one which actually is a global one. I’ll do that next time but we still do this. Okay, graduations and events. Thank you so that is basically a global level that exposes, you know, it’s just a complete different award. it’s super important, like you’ve been looped in three different countries. Right. Yeah, and I think, for people that are coming from other countries to work with people that understand that transition because it’s a big one. Even from Canada to the US it’s you know you’re at, when you move from Peru. My business partner in Calgary moved from Chile to Calgary when she was about the same age as you, and she’s still there freezing. But the point is the point is that we understand there’s an empathy there, just like you had a negative experience with your first home. I went through hell with my ex husband being deported. It drives what we do and how important it is for us to set the parameter and the stage properly for our clients because we don’t want them to those who that same thing. That’s what drove me to build an immigration business I wasn’t in the immigration field before, but because of what I experienced I was like this, this can happen, you know, nobody should go through that. So we, we have to kind of like Been there, done that and now we can hold the hand of our clients so that they don’t struggle and suffer. And we, you know, you can make everything perfect, but you can certainly pave the path and make it as obstacle free as possible. catcha How do people reach you. How do they reach me. I am very active on social media. So they are able to find me in LinkedIn and Facebook in anywhere. And again it’s with me It’s my connections, so they can reach me, I mean they can send me an email, they can call me. There’s many ways to reach, but, you know, just give us an email address that they can reach us, it’s a ti a dot, roessler r e s l e r le That’s li li MD, so much for being here. It’s a pleasure to get to know you. I can’t wait for our lunch together. Yes, coffee, wish you happy holidays, a very healthy and happy new year, and I’m looking forward to a lot of business together in 2021, and I really appreciate your time and making some time to chat with me today. Thank you. Thank you.