Transcription of Episode

Lauren Cohen 0:01
Good afternoon, everybody. This is Lauren Cohen, international legal and real estate expert and the host of investing across borders, the podcast where we teach you how to navigate your way to invest, live, work and play across borders. And we are here today with my truly dear friend, wonderful, amazing business strategist, the visionary with guts. Nancy Matthews, Nancy is one of the founders with her two sisters. I don’t even need to read anything here or review anything, I know so much about you because I’m part of your world for so many years. Like, literally since the beginning. At that place, Red ginger, right in Coral Springs, when we were discussing trademarks, and how to get protection for this amazing idea that was just morphing. And now, Nancy and her sisters, Trish and Susan have a business that has impacted 1000s of lives, not just in the US, but also nationwide. And Nancy has probably spoken on stages, I would say, well, everywhere. She’s definitely been in demand to speak on stages in more places, but COVID has impacted that so now she’s speaking on the stage from her home. Who knows where she is because she’s like a digital nomad. She was lucky enough unlike me to have, not that I’m complaining, to have her kids as a single mom very early. So Nancy has actually been my muse in a lot of ways and when I was struggling wich often happens, I would call her for help. And she’s probably thinking, thank God, I’m through all that, I have grandchildren now. I can hand them back at the end of the day.

Nancy Matthews 1:46
And just a word of warning, they’re always your kids, and there’s always something that they’re gonna need from you.

Lauren Cohen 1:53
Right, right. But Nancy has two amazing kids. Zach is doing something crazy, what is he, a stunt guy? Tell me?

Nancy Matthews 2:01
So he does acting, directing, and producing for film and video commercials. He’s done a couple of Netflix series. And quite frankly, with COVID the entertainment industry got hit so hard. So he’s bouncing, doing a few other things with his many gifts and talents. He’s a lot like me. Good with business, good with creativity. Much better at creativity than I am.

Lauren Cohen 2:30
Wow that’s saying a lot. How does anybody rein him in? There’s no way.

Nancy Matthews 2:40
Yeah, so he’s doing great. And my daughter is just about done with her final piece for her PhD in physics.

Lauren Cohen 2:49
Yeah, I knew she was doing some Brainiac thing. And she’s in Atlanta?

Nancy Matthews 2:55
Yeah, she’s a Georgia Tech.

Lauren Cohen 2:57
Got it. Is she live in school?

Nancy Matthews 3:00
No, she’s been from home all since last year. She does experiments, so she still goes into the lab because she works with live animals, moths actually.

Lauren Cohen 3:09
Wow. That’s very interesting. Well, that’s enough about our kids. We can talk about them for hours. I have a feeling my kid is going to be one of those true entrepreneurs that you cannot rein in. He’s already like that, just unfortunately, it’s with coding and all that kind of thing. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? But the reality is, that I just saw an email come through, literally right before we go on and tomorrow, you’re having a global mastermind. Kind of ironic, since today we’re talking about investing across borders and going global. Now, when you started Women’s Prosperity Network, what was your vision for it?

Nancy Matthews 3:54
So the vision for it back in late 2007 2008 is still the vision we have today, that we’re actually living to a large degree. And it is a vision where women who are impassioned and determined and committed, operate from a spirit of Co-Op petition to bring their gifts, skills and talents to the world so we all contribute to making the world a better place. The business model has shifted a little only because we were primarily an event based in-person company although we’ve been doing online masterminding, networking, seminars and training, probably for about three to four years we’ve already been doing that because we had the demand from people who were not in the local vicinity. So fortunately we were already set up for online business. And now we’re just doing a lot more of it and reach more people.

Lauren Cohen 4:52
But it probably, is logistically challenging at first because you have to adjust and pivot and now everything’s online and you have to have your breakout rooms and everything. The truth is, logistically, once you’ve got it down, it’s much easier than going to a different place to host an event every time, figuring out the room and working the room and setting up tables.

Nancy Matthews 5:13
Yeah, so there’s definitely a part of it, that’s easier on us in producing the event. And, you know, we miss the interaction being in person, there’s still something so special about being together in person.

Lauren Cohen 5:29
Of course, you cannot replace a hug.

Nancy Matthews 5:32
And because of the fact that we’re doing everything online right now, people who couldn’t come to our events before, now they can. It’s everywhere.

Lauren Cohen 5:42
Yeah, exactly. I was on something with you guys a couple of weeks ago, and there was somebody from Australia, I mean, it doesn’t really matter, because that’s the beauty of it. The silver lining of the pandemic is it has allowed a lot of us that may have had a little bit of a restriction in terms of expanding internationally or speaking internationally like me, not necessarily being able to always go everywhere, because I am a single mom like you were for so many years. But finding ways now and paths through the pandemic to get the message out to a wider audience. And I think you’ve definitely accomplished that. And not that you didn’t have your network, your network had already being built. But one of the things, first of all, one of the things I love so much, I always coined the phrase poor petition, I steal it, you know, as a lawyer, I feel I’m entitled, I’m just joking. But our petition is, is it’s really true. Because Trish, Nancy sister, and I’m sure Nancy too. But Trish always does this at the end of each event, when we were live and still now about putting your arm out, putting your hand out and reaching for that next woman, or person, you know, we got a few minutes, sometimes time to lift them up with you. Because if you’re only lifting yourself up, you’re not really impacting people. And that’s one of the things that wpm has always been so, so known for. And the other thing that Nancy does, she always looks at each person, as the one. And then she’s book is called one of many books is called what. And I will say that Nancy has been one of the most important and influential people in my life, because every time that I hit a wall, or I felt I hit a wall, or I needed an inspiration, Nancy would be there. And I’d say, Nancy, I need you. I just did it a few weeks ago, Nancy, I need Jack’s message, hey. And it’s like, it’s like that SOS and she knows because she’s, she’s got it. And that that is something that you cannot, you cannot find just in an average Joe on the street that’s based on a relationship of trust. And it’s based on a relationship of mutual respect and caring. And Nancy builds those relationships with most of the women in her world on an almost daily basis. And that’s a very big deal. And she has been doing that in a very meaningful way. I mean, she’s Spoken like you spoke at the women network. I mean, give me five and five examples of some crazy places. Well, yeah, you’ve spoken that everybody would know platforms that you’ve spoken on.

Nancy Matthews 8:32
Okay, so E women network, which it goes back to that whole spirit of Co Op petition, because people could look and say, Oh, that’s your direct competitor. And I’m like, oh, we’re alliances, we’re both serving the same woman and in some ways slightly different. And Sandra spoke on our stage about the idea of a women, the University of Ecuador, that was a very fun experience getting to speak there.

Lauren Cohen 9:01
What did you speak on there? Because that’s an interesting one, like what brought you to the University of Ecuador? And what was your topic?

Nancy Matthews 9:08
So the topic was the One Philosophy because that is my personal purpose mission on this planet is to create a world where everyone treats each other as the one and we can talk more about that. I was actually on a leadership experience, journey. And part of that process was we went to, all of these leaders, went to the University of Ecuador and spoke, spoke at guerilla marketing. So you may remember Jay Conrad Levinson from years ago, he taught at Berkeley like in the 60s and 70s. So his wife Jeannie carries that legacy on. So I spoke at the guerilla marketing summit. Iv’e spoken in London, a couple of events with Laura Lang Meyer, and you asked for five I think that was 4.

Lauren Cohen 10:00
Well, we can count. So count a couple. But I think with one more,

Nancy Matthews 10:04
Yeah. So one more, I would say, speaking. Oh, Eric Swanson, let me tell you about Eric Swanson. So I don’t know if you know him. He’s known as Mr. Awesome. And he does phenomenal events with extraordinary business owners and entrepreneurs. So I spoke at his event called the Habitude Warrior conference. So there’s my tip, my count to date is about 1200 live presentations.

Lauren Cohen 10:34
That’s a lot. It is. Does that include zoom?

Nancy Matthews 10:38
That does include zoom. They are presentations.

Lauren Cohen 10:43
And often they’re live. They’re still presentations. And eventually, somebody will see them as live. Let’s go back.

Nancy Matthews 10:53
Now just for giggles, it doesn’t count interviews. So my interview numbers, both me interviewing people, I think is about 800. And then I’ve probably been interviewed four or 500 times. Just like you’re doing right now.

Lauren Cohen 11:11
But I was thinking, see, you can always read. Nancy has to flesh and blood sisters, but truly, there, there’s a sisterhood that you’ve built. And mostly everybody in that sisterhood, they either are going to be treating each other like sisters, or they’re not gonna last because you know, the authenticity leads itself out. Not most people are not attracted into our world and to your world. If they’re not coming from a place of authenticity, if they’re just coming, oh, let me hand out a million business cards and see who can be my client as opposed to Who are you and how can I serve you? And actually, I think it was through you that I met. No, that’s not true. But I was gonna say Bob Berg, but it’s actually not true, because I met Bob Berg originally on a blind date. And then and then I heard him speak at one of your events. That’s what that was a really funny story. So I had Bob on the show the other day. But um, but Nancy, really like when you when you were raising your kids? Well, let let’s I digress. Back to the one. Okay. The one is really and truly something that I have always felt like people would say to me, Well, why do you bother with the janitor or on LinkedIn? Why do you connect with whatever and I’m like, because you, you don’t know who they are. You never know where their, what their needs are, how you can serve them. And sometimes you can create impact for them, or vice versa, that you don’t even anticipate. And you’ll have to look at each person as an individual, because everybody brings something of value. So don’t discount people just because they don’t have the title. Or maybe they haven’t spoken at 1200 places or two that whatever, you know, that they maybe they’re not a speaker, I have a woman I’ve been trying to get on the podcast. And I know, the reason she doesn’t want to come is because she doesn’t like being behind the camera even. Even on video, right? So it’s kind of funny, but tell me, where did that come from? How long have you been manifesting it? When did you write the book? And what are some of the learning learning adds from the book?

Nancy Matthews 13:23
Well, first of all, I just want to say you really capsulized if that’s the right word, the essence of what the One Philosophy is all about. So I just love and honor you, my friends for being the one and living in this way. And imagine so everybody who’s listening in Imagine a world where everybody is valued like that, like it would it would eliminate prejudice, racism, division, it would eliminate all those things, if we could just remember that we are all human beings with a beating heart, or just wanting to get a little bit more happiness in our lives

Lauren Cohen 14:04
Where the breakdown is, was about your bank account?

Nancy Matthews 14:06
Right. And not just that, but where breakdowns happen is where there’s disagreements. So or I don’t agree with your position. So now I’m not going to like you anymore. I’m going to fight you and other you know, that doesn’t solve problems, mutual understanding, and getting into that solution mode is what’s going to, you know, help bring us all together. So, enough on my soapbox. So I started talking about the one philosophy back in 2010. I believe it was after I had, you know, my own little wake up call. When I had a meeting scheduled with a woman who wanted to talk to me about helping her right get her book done. So I was really looking forward to meeting this person and helping them and then I found out that she is is a local TV news anchor. And suddenly, my, my energy, my attention gasm about the meeting change, because oh my gosh, what if she’s the one who’s going to help me do those and the one I’m going to get a TV show and the one, I started to make it all about me. in that space, I observed that I was, you know, paying a little more attention, you know, wanting to know more about her being more interested. And when I recognize two big things, that number one, she just happened to be somebody who called in on one of the teleclasses that I was doing, and that’s how the connection happened. And the connection happened. because like you said, I didn’t just blow this person off. Oh, yeah, you want to write a book that you know, but I valued her, I wanted to create that relationship and connection to support bringing her vision to life. So our bond got created by how I responded to her, just like you talked about a few minutes ago. And then, when I observed that my behavior shifted, when I thought she could be the one for me that I started to find more value in her. I was like, that feels really yucky. And let’s remember, I just happened to meet her, you know, she could have been anyone, you know, the ones are really everywhere. So in that space, I had this moment where I was like, I wonder what it would be like if I started treating everyone as the one with that same level of intention and excitement, the janitor, the person in the restaurant, people on the streets, every event that I held every event that I went to just be really present with people. And that’s where the one philosophy treat everyone as the one because they are, if we’re present long enough, the magic of the moment of your connection will be revealed. And that actually, this is a tattoo that I got about two years ago now. And it’s ichi go ichi e, which is a Japanese phrase, a cultural concept to honor the moment that you’re in with the person, you only get one chance in a lifetime for this moment to really honor it and be present. So this arm, I have my, I’m very branded. I’ll be saying. So I started speaking on that just talking about, you know, I had this little concept get out there and treat everybody as the one and it was a very light, easy thing. And after a couple of years, people like oh, that’s really good. Do you have a book about this? So then in 2013, I wrote the first edition. And I just recently finished the third edition of the book, adding to it some enhanced personal practices, to help us all be the one more consistently because I know we want to be, but stuff happens. I’m in a rush, I’m hurried, I got to pay my bills, I’m stressed out that person, too, was a jerk that bla bla bla. So how can we really move beyond some of the challenges that come up in our lives and in our minds and in our hearts? To be able to be the one and that’s what the third edition brings some enhanced practices?

Lauren Cohen 18:16
Would one of those practices be meditation?

Nancy Matthews 18:20
Not exactly. So in the first edition, there are six principles that I’ve distilled that if you follow these principles, you will live the way of the one, you will have an amazing magical life because when you show up as the one, you’re being the cause of creation, creation of relationships, creation of goodness, creation of kindness, creation of magic happening and synchronicity. So, Principle number six of these six principles is to exercise your mind and spirit daily. So that was in the original book. So it’s in there.

Lauren Cohen 19:01
So I asked a question in my in pre interview questions about what is a full pot that you made when you were developing your global career, let’s say, and everybody makes some kind of mistake, unless, of course, they work with me, in which case, hopefully they don’t but what was one of the mistakes that you made early on, or throughout this time that you would that you wish that you had had proper guidance to prevent or overcome better?

Nancy Matthews 19:31
So specifically related to global transact? When we started our chapter in Jamaica, that was our first out of the US chapter that we had because we were based on there’s chapter leaders in certain vicinities and now it’s different. It’s not like that. But I think because we didn’t have the proper legal structures set in place to risk Save money to charge like we did, we didn’t have all those pieces in play. The chapter didn’t grow as strong as it could have, I would say.

Lauren Cohen 20:09
Right. So in other words, by not putting those right precautions and taking the right actions in advance, you left some money on the table, because you didn’t? So what was one of the challenges and the benefits, which is kind of a hard word of being a single mom, with this entrepreneurial heart?

Nancy Matthews 20:40
So challenges, I guess, lack of sleep. You know, most of the time, when my kids were little, I worked in a law firm. So there was another thing we have in common, this whole legal thing.

Lauren Cohen 20:59
Legal thing, you know, that legal.

Nancy Matthews 21:03
And, you know, I almost said love of the law. And I do have a love of the law because of the guidance it provides. And the structure and it gives us, you know, a way to operate. So that’s interesting. I never thought about it before. But anyway, so I worked in a law firm, and I was a single mom, the dad wasn’t really involved in their lives. Fortunately, my two sisters were a great help to me in many, many ways. But there was, you know, the financial load was all on me, their money wasn’t coming from anywhere else. And so in addition to working a full time job, I always had a side hustle as now they call it to bring in some extra money, do something extra. So you know, the the mad dash of waking up, you know, at six o’clock in the morning, or five o’clock in the morning, getting the kids ready, getting them to school, coming home, going grocery shopping, doing this, coming home, making the dinner, take them to karate, take them to dance, do this, and do that.

Lauren Cohen 22:00
Sounds familiar.

Nancy Matthews 22:01
Put them to bed, hopefully, and then start working on my side hustle. So, you know, in those years, I certainly didn’t pay enough attention to self care and things of that nature. And I was doing what I needed to do, or what I thought I needed to do. Let me put that in perspective. Because what I’ve since learned is that self care, with meditation, with practice, with making sure that I’m doing things to fill my cup up, so to speak, lets me be better at all of those things. So you know, word of caution, I would say to anybody who’s watching, if you’re living a life running from thing to thing to thing, getting so much done. But you’re not taking time to breathe. And remember who you are, not just in person, perspective relationship to all these people that you’re serving, take a little time. And it may feel counterintuitive, but you will absolutely find that you will be more productive, more creative, more capable of giving and receiving love.

Lauren Cohen 23:12
So receiving interesting because this is a challenge. I think a lot of us single moms have or people in general, especially givers, that we that we think it’s only okay to give. And we are challenged at receiving. And one of the one of the books that you focus on in you train on is receiving your riches. And I’ve been through the course with you a couple of times. And it’s great. When was that book from 19?

Nancy Matthews 23:38
So the book science of getting rich by Wallace wattles was written in 1910

Lauren Cohen 23:44
Yeah, I thought it was gonna say 1912. But that’s when the book there was a war. But yeah, it was not. I mean, that’s a long time ago to think that unlike, you know, Michael Gerber was kind of the Original Six of entrepreneurial books, but 1910 to have a book that still resonates today. Now some of the English is hard to read, you know, you have to kind of get through it. But the messages are still the same, the message is kind of like the messages in the secret, and what those messages that resonate and and power us through, and you teach this course with such love and devotion? And what are the results that you’re seeing with people and what made you decide to create a course around that particular book.

Nancy Matthews 24:27
So the results start with the results because nothing short of extraordinary and the way that I created the course is by committing to simply 15 minutes a day to read one of the chapters and do some reflection on it, so that you’re shifting your thoughts, relationship and energy around what money is and what does it mean to be rich because so many of us, myself included, were brought up with these, you know, myths. conceptions are that, you know, rich people are mean or greedy. And in order to win, somebody has to lose. So the principles in this book tap you into a way of being. So again, it aligns with the one philosophy. Yeah, it taps you into a way of being of trusting that if I am an advancing personality, which is his term, which means I bring value to each and everything that I do, it’s kind of like, you know, your mom said to you, we heard these things, you know, but along the way, you know, leave everything better than you found it. Right? We’ve heard cliches and statements like that. But when you’re in advancing personality, when you’re giving, that it also is part of the the law, the natural law of giving and receiving, if you think about ocean waves, they come in and they go out, and they come in, and they go out, and they take some sand down, and they bring some sand in. Like that’s the true process and flow of net of natural flow of abundance. And if if you’re giving, giving, giving, and when the receiving comes your way you’re shut off from it, you’re breaking nature’s law. So learning to receive and being grateful for receiving even before it arrives, sets that in motion. So so the results $60,000, one client brought in within 30 days, I had another one that brought in 27,000, within 30 days, day 26. And there’s a magic to doing it for 30 consecutive days, because what you’re doing is retraining your brain and the pathways, the neural pathways in your brain of how you think about and feel about money. So that’s why it’s really key to do the 30 days, I created the course because I was in a mastermind with a few other people. And we were going through the book and I had amazing little miracles, not little pretty big miracles financially that showed up in my life. And it was back in 2011 or 12. I can’t remember which year to remember when Occupy Wall Street was taking place. And the 99% we’re all angry because it’s only the 1% this was right after in the US, the collapse and all the banks got payoffs.

Nancy Matthews 27:26
So I remember as I was listening to chapter 17, in the book, which is his final chapter in the summary, it’s a tiny book. As I’m listening to it, I was on the treadmill one morning, and I’m going, Oh, my God, this is great. Everybody needs to know about this, if the 99% knew about this, then they could be empowered to go and do what they want. So that’s where it was born from, a passion that everybody needs to know about this,

Lauren Cohen 27:49
Sharing your message, which is really what you’re all about. Sharing your message and lifting other people up. And when you originally came up with the idea of women’s prosperity network did your sisters look at you like you were from Mars? Or were they kind of like, oh, Nancy, here we go.

Nancy Matthews 28:13
So, my sisters have always been my champions. And I would say that I am where I am today, in large part due to them their support, and, again, why I’m so grateful that we now provide that space for other women. So you know, it’s extraordinary. So sometimes they look at me a little sideways. Most of the gamble’s I’ve taken have worked out well, so they’re kind of used to it.

Lauren Cohen 28:42
They’ve jump edon the bandwagon.

Nancy Matthews 28:43
Exactly. They’ll often say, okay, Nancy, you know, the great idea, I’m good, you keep going. I’ll keep up with you as fast as I can.

Lauren Cohen 28:51
It’s funny how different you all are, like so very different. You know, Trish has her own share of amazing ideas, but from a very different place. And Susan is the quiet one that kind of chugs along but keeps everybody rallied in.

Nancy Matthews 29:07
Beautifully said. She keeps everybody rallied in and rallied up. Because she’s not you know, out on the front, on the stage. She’ll do it, but it’s not her main thing. But if you were to ask every single one of our members, and I’m going to just say this, which of your sisters which of the three sisters is your favorite? They would go Oh, I love Susan. She is just so supportive and kind and understanding She’s amazing. She’s really the essence and the spirit of love that our community sings.

Lauren Cohen 29:44
Yeah, well, I think all three of you have very strong maternal instincts that comes through that feminine energy that you know, some of us like myself often have to find and pull out because in what I’m doing, Sometimes feminine energy is not appreciated, let’s just say, and, you know, working with international investors on very sophisticated projects, and they’re like, oh, the woman, it’s still even today, you know, it’s as crazy as it is. And so, over time have suppressed, and it’s come back to bite me, suppressing that feminine energy. And I think one of the things that is missing now because we are not in person, and we are not touching and hugging and whatever, is the ability to manifest that feminine energy for those of us that are not around sisters, you know, I’m around male energy only, there’s no women in my life at all, other than my dog. So, you know, my mom is far away, my sister lives far away, I don’t really see my friends so that that feminine energy is not coming through the same way on zoom. It needs to be body to body, belly to belly. And that’s the piece, I think that those of us that don’t have those sisters, those real life sisters are missing. And I just, you know, I’m grateful that it is there. And that there is that network and that support. Because at the end of the day, I think most of us that are part of your world, really feel that you have our back. And that’s what’s super important, Nancy is to have our back. So what would be the three, your three favorite tips that you’d like to leave our listeners with?

Nancy Matthews 31:32
Go for it. Get guidance, and have a blast.

Lauren Cohen 31:38
Work with a coach, and she’s a good coach. Last Laugh, laugh and if you’re not passionate about it, don’t do it. If it’s only about the money, don’t do it because you’re never going to succeed for five minutes. But eventually you’re not going to succeed because it’s not coming from your heart. Beautifully said my friend. Nancy, how do people reach you because I know people are going to want to and they’re going to want to join WPN if they’re not already and now they can do it from anywhere.

Nancy Matthews 32:10
Yes, and we do events all throughout the month. And they really are a little different. out there. But the feeling and the experience you have and the relationships that you’ll develop will be meaningful. I promise you that. So, or women’

Lauren Cohen 32:35
And Nancy is truly like a force to be reckoned with. She is all over social media. And you can’t miss her because she has spoken everywhere. On so many stages with so many amazing fellow visionaries. Have a blast. I love you. I appreciate you. And I thank you for your time today from one single mom to another who really is determined to make a difference for other single moms around the world. I thank you, Nancy, from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to see you again soon and give you that real live hug. God willing, please soon. All the best. Bye, ciao for now. Bye. Again, this is Lauren Cohen, signing off from Investing Across Borders with my amazing guest, Nancy Matthews, the visionary with guts, and a co founder of women’s prosperity network, which is an amazing women’s international network of like minded women that helped pull each other up. Lauren Cohen international legal and real estate expert, and you can find all of our contact information in the show notes and thank you so much for joining us today. Please stay safe. Everybody signing off from Boca Raton, Florida, where it’s warm and sunny, just in case you want to come. Thanks a lot. Bye for now.