Sammy Blindell

Good morning everybody and welcome to this episode of Investing Across Borders, I am your host, Lauren Cohen International Legal and Real Estate expert, and I am here today with my good friend from across the pond, Sammy Blindell. Not only Sammy across the pond, but she actually lives on a super cool houseboat in the water across the pond, and of course across the pond means that UK. So, Sammy and I met about three years ago, when she was speaking on stage of one of our mutual dear friends and my amazing mentor Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan winter from Women’s Prosperity Network, who will be on our show soon. Sammy is a multi-award-winning International Speaker, seven times best-selling author and the Brand Builders club CEO, and the founder of the One Drop Movement which is this amazing philanthropic movement. You can see on her on her neck she’s wearing a One Drop pendant, so she’ll tell you a little bit more about that. Sammy spent 13 years in branding before launching her first business in 2002, and she built five more companies in this sector, and her business, her business skills and her branding skills took her to build this international network called the Brand Builders Network where women and men, mainly women, but a lot of men too, welcome and help each other with branding, with masterminding, with building their businesses and sharing and collaborating, and we have so many mutual friends in these networks that it’s just amazing. Sammy has really made an impact on the world, and continues to do so Sammy, please say hello and introduce yourself for a moment to us to our guests?

Sammy: Oh my goodness, it’s so fun to be here hi Lauren and hi for those of you that are listening and watching it’s so awesome to be here with you today, because we are literally the proof of crossing borders right now.

Lauren: Yes, ma’am. That is for sure. And you’ve been crossing, before this global pandemic you have been crossing borders literally almost daily.

Sammy: Right. Gosh, I was always on a plane, a train or in a cab going somewhere. And literally, we worked out that in 2019, I was home for about six weeks the whole of that year, and that was broken down into flying back, put in all the washing in the washing machine, going out for dinner with the family packing the next day, and then either that evening or the day after that I would be on a plane again going somewhere else and you know we were launching Brand Builder’s Club all over the world, and went out to Johannesburg to launch there and then said well hey it’d be really rude not to launch in Cape Town while we’re here, why don’t we stay an extra couple of weeks, and we will do that as well so we hung out in South Africa for a bit longer and we were there nearly a month in total. Then we came over to Atlanta to launch Brand Builders. We had three of our kids with us as well as my husband, and we just said hey, you know it’d be rude not to stay and actually enjoy America while we’re here. Why don’t we stay and enjoy it and so we just changed our flights we stayed out in America for a month, and we toured and stayed with Brand Builder’s and had fun and did businesses as we went. When we were in Brisbane, we went to Bali to run a retreat in Bali and said, remember that?

Lauren: You know, yep!
Sammy: Brisbane and Australia are only five-hour flight away it’d be really rude to be over this side of the world and not go visit it, so we took a week out extra and went to Australia. And so, you know I have really built my life around being able to cross any border that is available to me and to be able to, you know, just see borders, as complete fluid. You know One Drop, individually we’re one drop together we’re the ocean let’s make it happen. And, you know, I just, I just see the world as this amazing playground and a sandbox that we can all play in. And the real movement and the mission behind One Drop is to bring 1 million One Dropeneurs together for the purpose of co-creation and collaboration instead of competition. We’re well underway with that movement now and it just makes sense to me that if we can then we must.

Lauren: I agree with you so much. It’s really been an amazing journey that you’ve been on. And I think that as we were talking about before we started, for better or worse, COVID has actually not really impacted your business, certainly not negatively, as a matter of fact it’s let you be more grounded, because you can’t travel all over, but you’re still connecting with your people, and you’re constantly connecting, and I mean you know I’m part of your group and I’m part of your tribe, and I love watching people grow and thrive.

Lauren: And just tell us a little bit about One Drop, and where did One Drop come from. I know you just kind of mentioned the purpose and the mission but what prompted you to develop this and why?

Sammy: Oh my goodness, this goes way back we’re going back to 2002. When I started my very first business, I’m building my 10th business now. This was my very first business when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. And back then in the UK we used to have this, what would you call it, I don’t know, it was like an organization called Business Link so when you started in business you would go to Business Link events and you would. It was like a government funded thing, and you could learn about tax and accounting and legal stuff that kind of stuff that you’re teaching everyone as well. And, you know, back then I didn’t have you, I didn’t know you and so I went to Business Link, and I literally was starting out and I didn’t know what I was doing. And I remember going early on, somebody said to me, just make sure you always look after the money, right, just don’t get carried away with building the business, make sure you’re looking after the money at the same time. So, go and learn about how you need to manage your money, as you’re growing. And so, I went and put myself on this Business Link course and it was about accounting and tax and things like that which is like joy to me. But it was something that I had to do. Yeah, so I get there, and this guy, I can’t even remember who he is, can’t remember his name, I wish I could go back and thank him because he had on the screen this quote, and it said, “Individually we’re one drop, together we are the ocean”. And I remember seeing this quote up on the screen, and I swear I didn’t hear another thing that that poor guy said for the rest of this seminar and the seminar is about two hours. And I was just sitting there making notes and notes because I was thinking, well, well what is a one drop, and how is anybody a one drop, and are we a one drop? Is it just certain people that are one drops? And if you could become a one drop how would you do it, well how would a one drop act, what would a one drop be, what would they do, how would they treat other people in the world, what would be the one drop philosophy on this? What would it be? And I mean this was really before the times of having Google and everything on your phone right. I was just sitting there with just me and my imagination. And I made pages and pages, that guy must have thought that he was on fire because I didn’t hear a word that he said, but I came away from it just thinking, Okay, well actually, I’m going to stand for one drop. So, this goes back to 2002. I thought it was just something that everyone did because it was a quote on the screen, so I thought everybody knew about this stuff. And from that day, I committed to being the best one drop that I could be for everybody else around me, so I would make sure that every time I one dropped in someone’s direction, it would create a ripple of positive impact. And I just set out on that mission to do that, and then get to 2017, I think it was or 2018, and I was on a couple of documentaries that year. And at the end of filming, one of the documentaries, we were in San Diego filming for that, and my friend Lynn Rose said, “hey, I’ll give you a lift to the airport”, because we were filming in San Diego, but I was flying back out of LA to get back to London. And so she said, “you know the traffic is going to be terrible right now let’s go, I’ll take you to Seaport Village you’ll absolutely love it, there’s loads of little stores and stuff there and there’s a crystal store I know you’re going to love it”. So, we go to this crystal store. And I’m looking around and there’s nothing really catching my eye, but as I turn around to leave the store, I see this one drop hanging there right and I nudge Lynn and I went, “oh my God Lynn, one drop”. And she looks at this pendant and she all said was “one drop”. I said, “what do you mean, what’s one drop?” “You know what one drop is?” She said, “No, I don’t know what one drop is”. I said, “individually we’re one drop together with the ocean. Oh my god, here’s what you do, you get up every single day you say a little like mantra to yourself about being the change for somebody, being that ripple of impact for somebody, and then you act in that way for the rest of the day”. She was like, ”oh my God Sammie, I’ve never heard of this before, but you need to do something with that, and you have to buy that pendant”. So, I bought the pendant and I started wearing it and I started talking about one drop, and what it means to be a one drop, and how you know as brand builders, you’ve got to know what ripple you’re making before you can brand it. So, I started talking about it from that perspective. And, and it just became a thing, but the thing was the pendant that I bought, I wasn’t totally happy with it, it was like, it was the thing that started the summing up of it, but it wasn’t perfect. It was too sharp, and I wanted something that as soon as it hit the light, it was over your heart and communication area and it would glow, it needed to glow. And anyway, I looked for a long time to find somebody that could make them and eventually my friend Leisha Barry, I was speaking, this was about a year and a half later, I was speaking at an event in Palm Beach, and I was going to stay with Leisha for a few days afterwards. We’re sat there having lunch and I’m telling her, “I’ve got this massive vision I’ve been all over the world I can’t find these things anywhere. I’ve had 18 different gem experts try and find me these one drops, and no one can do it, even though they all say they can, no one’s done it. What am I going to do about this because I’ve got this vision to bring 1,000,001 dropeneurs together, if I can’t even get another one of these damn things how am I going to make a million of them?” And she said, “Sammy I’ve been to your house in France, doesn’t your mum have a glass using workshop can’t your mum make these for you?” Oh my God, that would be amazing if she could, so immediately FaceTime my mom while I’m there at lunch with Leisha. My mom comes on and she says well send me pictures and I’ll give it a go. 11 months, she was making one drops every single day, we spent a fortune in glass fusing. We tried different strategies they were going to be all different colors for people’s brands, and then someone said to me, “but if it’s one drop it needs to be one drop”. Oh God because it does. So, then it became one drop and then they had too many bubbles on, or they weren’t the right shape, or they weren’t the right size, and so bless my mom, every single day for a month oh my God, she was making them until she sent me a batch because I lived in Manchester at the time and she lives in France. So, she was sending these things over to me they’re quite heavy, so it costs a lot in postage, and she got it right and we’re ready to go, it lit up as soon as the light touched it, I was like, right, we’re ready to go. So, so then she started making them, and her back was killing because she’s bending over grinding these one drops in glass, by hand, herself. And I said, we’ve got to find a way because I can’t, in your lifetime, you’re never going to make a million of these we’ve got to have a million. So, she then set to work on trying to find somewhere, that would be able to laser cut the glass so that we’d have the rough shape, and so she could then work with the shape and she wouldn’t have to grind them all out. When you put them in the kiln, they would then kind of bleed out into the shape that we wanted. And we found somewhere and so we had our first 1000 drops laser cut and sent over to my mum, where she then finished them off. They get fired twice, there’s a process that goes that goes through as well, to create the dichroic glisten so as soon as it hits the light it then was boom, straight off your chest. And then we launched them at a summit that I was running in December, so just a month later, and loads of people were buying them and men were saying, “well what about us, like we don’t want to wear a pendant”, and so we then started making key rings. So, for those of you that are actually watching we’ve got the key ring that we send out and we’ve got the pendants like the one that I’m wearing now. We were selling them with chains but then people had such a unique way of expressing themselves that we thought there’s no point selling the chains let’s just sell the one drops, and people can then buy whatever chain, whatever length is right for them. So, we started doing that and it’s just grown, and we run an event once a month called Ripple Fest. It’s the Ripple Fest Quest at the end of every month for change makers and entrepreneurs who want to create something that is borderless, something that is a movement, something way bigger than just building a business. They want something that’s going to create a ripple of impact. So, at the end of every month, we train people how to do that and we go through how to own your identity on day one, how to own your value on day two, how to own your gift and your purpose on day three, how to own the impact that you’re here to make on day four, and then how to own your lane and brand it on day 5. Yeah, we run that the last week of every month, it’s at And a lot of people buy the one drops and use them as gratitude stones, and they use them, we do meditations every morning. One drop has turned into a thing like we’ve got caps, we’ve got journals, and all kinds of stuff now to be the one drop you wish to see in the world, so launch your ripple and make your way. We do all kinds of things, a lot of things have come out of one drop and the biggest thing that has come out, is the charitable initiative that’s behind it. So, when we run Ripple Fest every month, we charge eight pounds which is around $11, and 100% of that goes to charity. So, the five speakers.

LAUREN: $7 for your Ripple Fest.


LAUREN: Tell us a little more so, first, so is it like an event that you’re doing I’ve seen the emails, but let’s share it with the audience. It’s an event that you do once a month, how long is it?

SAMMY: It’s for five days, in the morning and evening, and so everything is recorded so for those that, a lot of people are in the States and Canada, they tend to join us later, so they’ll watch the replays and then they join in the live with the Movement Maker every day. And, and that’s where we interview a Movement Maker who has achieved massive global impact. Like, Natalie Edgewell, who’s built an impact of like 6 million Movement Makers within her movement. We’ve got Paul Dunn, for example, his company alone has achieved over 200 million impacts on lives now, so these are people who have really been there, they know the way, they know what you’re going to come up against. I asked him questions like, “It’s taken us 30 years to get where you are, if you were going to tell someone how to do that in six months knowing what you know now, what would you do, where would you start and how would you do it?” So rather than going the hard way, I hope to save a lot of people a lot of hassle, but instead of paying the speakers to speak, we asked them to nominate a charity instead, so each speaker nominates a charity, and at the end of the week we collect everything together that’s come in from everyone throughout the week, and and we donate that to charity between the five charities.

LAUREN: So, so the One Drop movement is not a nonprofit itself.

SAMMY: No, no, it’s a CIC which is a community interest company, but it’s where we, it’s not a charity, but a lot of the things we do are raising money for charity. So, we partner with other small businesses for example, I don’t make these One Drops my mom makes them she has a small business. So, she makes them, we give her 50%, 30% goes to charity, and 20% goes back into the company to be able to continue growing it and paying for more materials and glass, and then the journals, we’ve partnered with one of our Brand Builder’s club members who makes journals. 50% goes to her, 30% goes to charity, 20% goes back in the pot to grow One Drop.

LAUREN: With one quick moment just to draw an analogy for North Americans. So, the CIC that Sammy is talking about would be the equivalent of a public, a benefit entity here in the US, which is basically a social impact company, it’s got a charitable, potentially charitable purpose, but it’s not a designated 501c3. So, the beauty of it is that this way, you get to allocate the funds to multiple charities.

SAMMY: So, yeah, and you’re not tied to just one charity, and you can decide where, where the money is going to go. And the other thing that was important to me was, I really wanted to partner with people, that was massive for me. If we were a charity, we wouldn’t be able to do that, l we wouldn’t be able to pay commissions to people like Nikki when she makes these, and my mom when she makes the one drops and we do a lot of meditation with one drop, I’ve created about 30 different meditations now. I’ve created a 365 days of impact program that goes with one drop, so that every day you’re just taking five minutes to work on the impact that has been made on your life so you can share it. A lot of people get stuck with content, what do I share with people so I can build my tribe so, it gives content triggers, and it also heals you on your journey as well and a lot of people like to meditate and have essential oil burning through that, and so we’re just partnered with an essential oil company and we’re creating a one drop oil. Again 50% goes to them, 30% goes to charity, 20% goes back in the pot to grow it. So, it just enables us to really support small business owners who are really struggling right now.

LAUREN: So, I want to reiterate that this is really a global movement, how many countries are watching Sammy?

SAMMY: How many countries, countries? Haven’t even stopped to think, about around 50. At least I mean through Ripple Fest alone, we find that there’s not many people that are actually in the UK that join in, I mean the last one we had, Slovenia, Poland, we had a lot of different people from different countries all over Europe, but also different parts of South Africa, we have Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, all over the States, Canada.

LAUREN: So, and this event you run it through Facebook live right?

SAMMY: We do yeah.

LAUREN: Okay, $11, 8 pounds. It’s five days of training, wow.

SAMMY: Okay so we wanted to make it a no brainer so that people would come back every month as well. We’ve got people who joined Ripple Fest one, who then said when’s the next one, and we did Ripple Fest two, and then they’ve, all of them have gone on to three and so we’re literally just about to run Ripple Fest six, and we run it the last week of every month.

LAUREN: So, well, please send me an affiliate link because I’ve been doing very well at bringing my, my people on to different events and I think this is a great one, and I think everybody should participate. And what is the cost of the one drop pendant?

SAMMY: The pendant is 37 Pounds which I think is about $5. It’s plus postage, so yeah it works out to about $50 with the postage.

LAUREN: Well, and are you shipping them somewhere here and then re shipping them from a central location?

SAMMY: No, not yet. Everyone is sent lovingly by hand, by my good self. And the other thing that, actually it was really funny, a couple of months ago or just coming up to the beginning of December, somebody bought a one drop for Jack Canfield, they bought a keyring for Jack and a pendant, I think it was either.

LAUREN: For those of you who don’t know, of Chicken Soup for the Soul and that whole series so that Yeah, he’s a pretty famous guy and a huge impactor.

SAMMY: He is. And, and I was sitting there stressing, because I was like oh my God, like we’ve got the beautiful packaging and everything for one drop and we have a little seed in each one as well, because it’s as small as a mustard seed that can move mountains and even if you don’t believe in it. So, I’m thinking, what the hell am I going to do, I can’t just send it with a post-it or something that’s going to look pretty rubbish. So, I sat here thinking about what I could do that would at least make an impact. And so, as I was sitting there thinking about it. My daughter Jen painted me a One Drop, with the world in it for Christmas the year before. And I looked at it and I thought I wonder if I put that on a card. So, I designed a card, especially to send Jack Canfield, and it has Jen’s painting on it, beautiful, you see it’s got the quote across the top there, signed by Jen. And I’ve left it completely blank because I like to write a personal note, and you can see her artwork and stuff or lack thereof. So, I reached out to Jen and I said, “Jen, I’ve had a thought, what if we were to sell these cards to people who want to send gratitude cards instead of birthday or Christmas cards? What if we sold gratitude cards, and I gave you 50%, and 30% goes to charity, and 20% goes back into the pot. Would you be willing to participate in it?” She said she’d love to. So now we’ve got the cards as well. They come with a beautiful blue envelope as well which is the winner.

LAUREN: I wish that everybody that was listening to the podcast could see this because it’s a beautiful card, and it shows Sammy, and obviously her daughter has her special creative knack and a different way and design and, it’s just beautiful. And the whole concept that you have impacted these 1,000,000 dropeneur’s which I hadn’t heard that term before, obviously you created it is, it’s all about like where we met at the Women’s Prosperity Network, it’s all of what I do in my world. It’s actually my number one takeaway from this whole pandemic, is that without partners, without strategic partners, without collaboration, without creating those joint ventures, you cannot survive in this marketplace, and if you are competitive, in a world driven, we all want to make an impact and we all have a different way of doing I, but if you’re not going to help each other, and you’re going to be like, Oh no, I’m sorry, I can’t do that because I’m not getting paid for it or whatever, or there’s nothing, what’s in it for me, if you have that mentality, always in your mind what’s in it for me, that’s the mentality that is going to come across and your energy is going to repel. As opposed to how can I make an impact in the world, and how can I bring people together to connect to collaborate, to bring ideas out because we are going to do so much more together than we do apart? So, the reality is that we, you know, bringing somebody like yourself onto the show, it’s a little different because we’re not really investing across borders, but we are, we’re investing ourselves, we’re investing our ideas and we’re bringing them to the world. We are making a difference. And you know I might be more tangible because I’m about, let’s invest in real estate, let’s buy a business, let’s invest in a business and expand your business across borders. Sammy is about how can we make an impact. It’s all about impact at the end of investing in others, I think, SAMMY: Yes, you know, because I think if you’re sowing into other people, if you can be that ripple of impact, and this is how we run Ripple, first is to say, look, if I become that ripple of impact for Lauren, “Lauren tell me exactly what do you need help with, how can I support you with that? How can I be your ambassador and your champion?” And you say, “Thank you Sammy, I’m going to be the ambassador and champion and one drop for Linda”, and Linda says, “I’m going to be an ambassador and a one drop for Tony” and Tony says, “I’m going to be an ambassador on one drop for Sammy”, it all comes around.

LAUREN: To help somebody set up, and where did we hear that before? You have to lift somebody up, and then you, in turn, you’re going to be elevated. It’s not that can’t be the MO, but it does happen, and it’s global, and it’s become so much clearer because as we were also saying we’re used to doing zoom we’ve been doing zoom for years. Okay. Zoom or some form thereof. Knowing everybody was used to doing zoom people, like, Sammy was in the live event business, lots of people in the live event business were like, what am I going to do, but yet some of my major influencer clients have done extraordinarily well, because you can impact more. For me it’s been really good because I don’t you know you know I’m a single mom and sometimes there’s challenges of travel. I mean, I’d like to travel somewhere, but this way through this pandemic. Like I speak on global stages every day in a different country, and I’m right here in my home. I’d like to be somewhere else.

SAMMY: That’s the beauty of it though, isn’t it, is that you can make your ripple of impact from wherever you are. And if you choose to travel, then you’re choosing to travel, but my life was so full of travel before and now, literally, it’s full of impact, I can make so much more impact. I used to be, I used to lose so much time in airports and go through airport security and waiting for the next train to come along and things you know I couldn’t concentrate in that time because I was committed to getting where I needed to be on time.

LAUREN: But now you’d always be doing the work on the plane, you’d be like, oh, I’ll get to it on the plane, I’ll get to it on the plane and that’s why I never worked on the plane.

SAMMY: I’d be in complete distraction, nine hours later, I’d have been like wow, you know because I don’t get a chance to watch movies and telly and things very often, so I’d be on the plane and I’ve got a chance to catch up on three movies. So, I didn’t work, and I think it’s important to not work as well. And that’s something that is, there’s a big thing for me this year is, how can I create peace, and pace. And actually, I mean we, before lockdown, we were running up to 34 different events every month in Bali, Johannesburg, Atlanta, New York, all over Europe. But and I have got Ambassador teams that were doing that for me. And now, I was able to, through lockdown, say well I’m going to go live just once a week, and you can all join me on that one call, and you can all work out how to collaborate and partner with each other without now having to travel somewhere to make that happen. And so now, I’m only online for that call one hour a week, where I used to be away for the whole week, traveling to different Masterminds, and delivering the Masterminds and training my Ambassador team up how to deliver them. Now I just run them myself for one hour once a week. So, I’ve been able to create a lot more peace of pace, but this year is yes, I take that step back a bit and start bringing in team, which create peace, and they can create the pace for me. And that’s something that I’m working on now I’ve already brought two people into the company in the last couple of months, that have really taken ownership of Ripple Fest and all the systemizing and automating of things with that, so all I’ve got to do is write my bit and then it’s done, and they take it over from there. We bought a social media company, now literally last week, so they’re taking over the promotion of it, because we’ve tested it enough now, we’ve tested it over the last two months. We’re on Ripple Fest six now at the end of this month. And so, we’re ready to scale. And I think that’s the key thing I always test, a measure tester, measure tester, measure till we’ve got it, now I’m happy with it. Which isn’t necessarily perfect because perfection is poverty. But I’m now happy with it to say listen we’re having fun, we’re raising money, we’re raising brands, we’re raising energy and we’re raising a whole bunch of movements in one week. And if we can improve that instead of worrying about losing control outside of ourselves, what if we can just take control of who we are, how we show up, how we support each other, and how we connect to something that’s way bigger than ourselves. Because when we do that, our words make waves, and the ripple of impact we create is way bigger than anything we could ever possibly conceive of creating on our own. And why try and do it on your own when there’s a whole ocean, literally of opportunity out there and I think the bigger you grow, the more partnerships and collaborations becomes more important not just at the beginning. Oh, I’ve got some time to help that person. No, it becomes more important the bigger you grow. The lonelier it becomes so it’s even more important to stay connected and keep growing those oceans together.

LAUREN: Yeah, connection is a key relationship capital, has we’ve just realized, that’s probably the number one most important element of cross currency business today is that relationship capital. And I think that the other thing that’s going to come from this, well I know because I’ve seen it, I have a colleague Bill Walsh, and he’s running events that are hybrids, he does, of course you know him, and he in two weeks for my friend Jason, running a Vi-biology summit, and I was supposed to be there, and they had to cancel it because the Canadian borders are completely closed. And so, he’s going online so this way actually you can have a few more people, there were only going to be 20 people live, so I think that the benefit of, the joy of this Sammy is that even when we go back to those live events and I do miss them, again, you know you’re a big hugger. It’s a big thing. But then, I think that the beauty is that we’ll have pivoted enough that we can impact them even more, so even though you might have 100 in the room, you could have 1000 watching you. And that’s the beautiful part of this and so I thank you for impacting, I thank you for your friendship, I thank you for joining me today. I will be at the next Ripple Fest I’m going to be speaking at,

SAMMY: Jay is speaking at Philly, I think is in April or May. Jay will be joining us on the dais.

LAUREN: Jay is my client that I helped with a wonderful visa for crossing borders and eventually we’ll be able to cross them again. He got the visa he’s like, okay, this these borders have to open.
But, but yeah, what a guy, as I just interviewed him the other day. If you don’t have him speaking you definitely need to, Iman Aguy, a guy here in Vancouver, Canada, I will make an intro, you definitely need to know him. He’s a huge influencer, one of the top Canadian influencers for sure and I’m working very closely with him as well, so exciting times. Sammy, I know you have another interview I want to honor your time, do you have any parting words and please do let people know how to reach you.

LAUREN: Thank you Lauren, this has been amazing, and you know guys and girls just really own your lane. Own your impact. Own your value. Own your identity and really own your gift and honor your values, because my highest core values are freedom, creativity and fun. And if it ain’t any of those things, I don’t do it. I know when Lauren invites me into something, I know it’s going to be fun. I know that I can be free because I can do it from wherever I am. And I know it’s going to cross borders and make a massive difference, so launch your ripple and make your wave guys and girls be that one drop you want to see in the world, and come and join us, that’s Come join the Fest.

LAUREN: We’ll put it all in the show notes, It’s a pleasure Sammy have a great day, good luck on your next interview, and I will tag you my social, well, you’ll hear all about that stuff. Signing off from Investing Across Borders, today is actually Monday February 8, 2021, as my other colleague says, “get it done in 21”, and we are all here to make an impact on the world. Thank you for joining us today. Have a great day. Take care.

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